Moving to new challenges…

I am not developing Revit API applications anymore, but I am not closing the doors for it. I still have to create such things for my future’s sake. I am making ready myself to move, even though we are still in pandemic.

While doing this, I am thinking of several things that I can do in the future.

The short-term goal is to build a website myself, and here it is, where this blog belongs to. (Welcome!)

So I am re-studying web programming, especially HTML, CSS and Bootstrap. I will try Javascript later.

I also put my interest in developing mobile apps. But to what extent? I still don’t know. But first I want to focus on web programming.

But very recently, a person who used to be my colleague in my home country made a request to develop programs for his company, and they use AutoCAD. Although I am not doing AutoCAD applications since 2007, he asked me to try. So I agreed.

This, for me, is a stepping stone for a form of independence.

I can see myself moving to new challenges, indeed.

The very best of luck to me.

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