A Brief Introduction

A good day to everyone.

Very lately I am being involved into some work where my mathematical abilities and logical thinking are put on a test. Some things are new, others are formulated through net researches, and some are learned from some genius people around me.

Firstly, I would like to post here things regarding Linear Algebra, geometric algorithms such as Concave Hull and Tangent Circle, verifying some great tips in geometry using Rhinoceros and Grasshopper, and a little bit of calculus.

Hope you wait for the upcoming posts.

Not the very least. To introduce myself, at present I am developing tools for Autodesk Revit using C# .NET, and previously for AutoCAD using ObjectARX. I could say I have extensive ability in finding solutions, but not so extensive in the knowledge of C++, Revit API and C# .NET, for I often work mostly under user requests. Recently, I integrate WPF into my new Revit API tools to have a sense of somehow future-proof user interface.

I won’t be putting here codes most of the time, but you may expect illustrations and maybe pseudocode of algorithms I made that I can share.

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