Early morning at Murano 3201 December 3

I had my very first session at Autodesk University, yes it is 2015, and at this room inside The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, I had made a connection with the audience; of course they were those who pre-registered at my session. Although not all of them came, I was so delighted that were still about three-quarters of them came. I don’t know how will I thank them. I just hope that they learn something from me. And if ever I will be given a chance again to do the speaking at AU2017, I would like to do it again. This time, it will be better.

That Barker

But there is someone that I am most thankful for.

This man just did the best invites and calls outside Murano 3201 before my session time. I really appreciate his dedication to his job. I am somehow so grateful for his efforts to call the people who registered at my session. I can hear his voice from inside and somehow made myself do the best of me as he was just too active at his work.

I want to thank him to the fullest, but I just couldn’t remember his name.

To those who attended my session and the other sessions after mine, please tell me even his name if ever you know.

Thank you very much!

The Responses

I have just read all of the responses. Thank you to all those who respond.

I cannot make excuses here, but I admit I have to really work harder at my speaking, especially my English. I just hoped that I got to be exposed more often on this. But I have to start it first at a Japanese environment since I am working here in Japan and of course, the audiences are all Japanese. If there are even any small opportunities for me to have a presentation in total English and of course the audience are total English listeners and speakers, I would like to grab it.

And the other side of my feeling, I am also disappointed at the final result of my PowerPoint. Next time, I will make sure that I will present every detail on how to do things, if ever I will be entitled to a session that needs teaching. For instance, it is a Instructional Demo, right? I just can’t say what had happened during the final days of this presentation’s evaluation with my team.

To those who went away too early, I am just sorry for them. Although it always happens at AU…

Of course, there are many people who stayed ’til the end, and some of them commented positive ones. In fact, one of them said I had a great sense of humor. I really appreciate them and am so thankful to them. Nevertheless, my session was somewhat a success because of them. I would also like to collaborate with those people and share ideas with each other. I am not those guys like Marcello Sgambelluri or Nathan Miller who are total experts on both sides of presenting at AU. I could have my own style of talking; I just still have to discover that.

These sides benefit me to what I will become next AU.



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